Metal Roofing




VITRO DECK 762 is the basic yet out of ordinary metal roofing.

It's manufactured by Roll-Forming technology with high tensile metal sheet, plus corrosion inhibitive treatment. Known as one of the most common use roofing across commercial and industrial area such as factories, condominium, cabin, hoarding and etc. It has effective cover width of 762mm and rib height of 25mm, with minimum roof pitch of 3o.




VITRO CLIP LOCK 710 specifically designed to increase water discharge capacity, at the same time lowering down minimum roof pitch to as low as 1o

Its unique design of clip and locking system provides greater strength and tighten up the coverage gap to minimize water leakage. Highly recommended to warehouses, exhibition halls and shop offices that requiring low pitch roofs to vertical or horizontal ribbed walling.




VITRO PU ROOFING -- an ideal insulation roofing that adhering a rigid polyurethane (PU) foam layer to the deck.

18mm thick of PU foam provides excellent heat-resistance and sound absorption. On top of that, a third layer of laminated sheet (PVC or Steel) gives extra protection to PU foam, making it resistant to unwanted damages and increase usage life. It's widely used in construction including workshops, supermarkets, schools, residential houses and etc.


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